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Our Services

Get wealth management solutions for a secure and prosperous financial future.

Business Insights


Customizable portfolio structures 










Years of experience 


Wealth Management

We provide you with

  • Personalized Risk Assessment

  • 24/7 portfolio Monitoring

  • Strategic Situational Analysis

  • Unique Investment Strategies

  • Second Opinions on investments

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Diversification Across Asset Classes

The Premium Experience is available to you 

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Financial instruments

Manage Investments with

  • Sideways +

  • The Zero Hero

  • Downside defender

  • Upside Maximizer

  • Bullwave

  • The Slip-Grip

Be ready to profit from multiple situations 

  1. Institutions: We provide low-risk, stable income digital asset investments, focusing on institutional needs in a volatile market.

  2. Crypto Entities: Offering comprehensive tools for crypto mining and financial enterprises, we specialize in hedging, cash flow, and risk mitigation.

  3. High-Value Investors: Tailoring diverse digital asset portfolios, we focus on various risk appetites, emphasizing asset protection and growth. 

    -  Minimum of $100.000  -

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Risk - management 

Our specialization lays in utilizing options and futures to craft  hedging and risk management techniques that thrive in diverse market conditions, providing a robust safety net for your investments.

Trust us to safeguard your investments with our comprehensive risk management solutions that stand resilient in the face of market volatility.


Partner with us for a journey towards secure and profitable investment experiences."

The Process

We prioritize utmost transparency in our asset management process, ensuring clear, honest communication and decision-making to build lasting client trust. 

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Limited Authorization

 Personalized  strategy




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Trust the process, See the results, and convince yourself!

A Personalized Approach

As every client is unique with its own set of characteristics and different goals, we will compose a customized client risk management and portfolio profile. We understand like no other that at this level of high-value clients, you need a personal approach to build a customized strategy to grow wealth.

Flexible Communication

We understand that time is precious, especially for our high-value clients who operate in different time zones across the globe. To cater to their needs and provide seamless communication, we make use of digital platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. This flexibility allows us to keep you updated and address any questions you may have, no matter where you are in the world. As part of our commitment to a personalized approach, we tailor our communication style to suit the preferences and schedules of each client, ensuring they are informed and comfortable throughout their journey with us at DCIXX-Capital.

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